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Artistic Inspirations with Teddy Bears!

Greetings everyone as we introduce our new collection! We're thrilled to present these latest, special pieces that have been inspired by renowned painters. The collection comprises seven unique t-shirts, each inspired by the style and world of an iconic artist.

  • Cézanne Teddy Bear
  • Goya Teddy Bear
  • Klimt Teddy Bear
  • Magritte Teddy Bear
  • Miró Teddy Bear
  • Picasso Teddy Bear
  • Van Gogh Teddy Bear

These special pieces allow everyone to immerse themselves in the world of painters while stylishly wearing these artistic and inspired tees.

Thank you for joining us on this little journey into the world of art! Remember, each of our pieces holds a touch of artistry and unique style.

Be a part of this creative journey and wear art in your everyday life!

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Rainbow Collection

Purple Tote Bag

Outfit Of The Day

Chic Teddy Bear T-shirt

Unique Swimwear

Pink, White

Pink Dog


Unique T-shirt

Casual Backpack

with logo and bears

Something special just for you

Together is Better

matching Sneakers with T-shirts

Eternal Dress

For any event

Pilot Teddy Bear T-shirt

For your little Pilot

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